What Is The ProductGraph

The ProductGraph is a graph that aggregates all information and assets about products for use in every step of the product's lifecycle.  The ProductGraph includes:

  • Design information
  • Manufacturing information
  • Sales information
  • Support information

The ProductGraph brings all of the product data together allowing for easy creation, updating and distribution of the information.  Our ProductGraph is a platform that allows for many uses in the design, manufacturing, sales and support of products.

Uses of the ProductGraph

The ProductGraph is the centralized hub of the product throughout its lifecycle.


ProductGraph - the center of the product lifecycle

Why do we need a ProductGraph?

In the past, product data has been spread out across a variety of systems and tools.

  • The product design is stored inside of CAD files.
  • The manufacturing files are stored inside of CAM files.
  • Photos, product descriptions, product photography, reviews, etc are needed for retail.  Each asset is produced through a separate process.  And then these assets need to be distributed to each channel.
  • Drawings, instructions, manuals and FAQs are needed for post-sales support.

All of these separate systems and information types led to redundant and out-of-synch product information.  These redundancies were an inefficient use of resources.  And product information becoming out-of-synch leads to errors in the product manufacturing, sales and support.

As the manufacturing of products becomes more distributed through digital manufacturing and the sales of products becomes multi-channel through online marketplaces and global markets, keeping all of the information about products becomes even more important.