Product Configurator

Here's some basic guidelines about Product Configurators:

- Each product can only be associated with one Configurator.  And each Configurator can only be associated with one design.

     > Let's say that you have a maple box that can be personalized with either a monogram or three lines of text.  The monogram is one design that would be in one Configurator.  The three lines of text is another design that would need another Configurator.  These two configurators would need to be associated with two different products.  So you may need to turn one product in your store into two products to differientiate between the designs:

           1. Maple Box - Monogram

          2. Maple Box - 3 Lines of Text

- Configurators cannot be switched out as the user changes variants.  Configurators can, however, be turned on and off by a variant.  For example, a product could have a variant named 'Engraving' with two values 'None' and 'Personalized'.  The configurator can be hidden from the product page when None is selected and turned visible when Personalized is selected.

- A given Configurator can be used across multiple products, even across multiple sites.

- Each Configurator can only have one background image.

- Font selection applies to all text boxes in a Configurator.

- Each text box and artwork can have its own color selector.

As most stores now get over half of their traffic, our Product Configurator has a 'mobile-first' mantra. As such, the dock is optimized for portrait images and Configurators. Optimizing for landscape would result in a very poor (to point of being unusable) experience for mobile users.

All artwork in a Configurator is in a SVG format.  This is because SVG is an industry standard that is natively supported in every modern browser.  By only using SVGs, we can ensure that every Configurator will work on all of the devices used by your customers.

If your artwork is in a format other than SVG, we can convert it and format it for you.

The Product Configurator can support any TrueType (TTF) or OpenType (OTF) font.  We have many already in the system.  You can see some of them here.  Or we can add your fonts as long as they are properly licensed.

We can also edit fonts as needed.  One common example is if your preferred font doesn't have an # character in it.  We can add one.

While the Product Configurator can support every font, some are more suited than others. Here's some things to consider when picking a font:

- Many fonts look great with normal characters, A-Z and 0-9.  But some fonts do not have great coverage of the lessor used characters like accents and special punction.  So you should check to see the character coverage the font provides.

- File size.  Fonts can vary in size from 40k or less to 5 MB or more.  As each font needs to downloaded to each users web browsers, large font size will slow down the page load time.

- Licensing.  Each font as its own license.  Some are open and you can use them anywhere.  Others have various licensing fees depending on how the font is being used.  So there can be a fee involved in using a particular font.  You are responsible for paying the licensing fee on fonts that require one.

The Product Configurator supports as many fonts as you want for a Configurator. But you should think about limiting the number of fonts in a Configurator for these reasons:

- Providing too many font choices can actually DECREASE conversion. Let's say a user knows they want a script font. If the Configurator only provides one script font, it is an easy choice for the user - they either go with that font or not. But let's say that the Configurator now provides five different script fonts to choose from. The user will now have to make a much more difficult decision, which of the script fonts is the BEST. This will require more time and effort to evaluate each font, which will have some users abandon the effort altogether.

- Each font file needs to be downloaded to each user's web browser. So the more fonts used, the more files that need to be download, which results in longer page load times.

We recommend 5 fonts for a Configurator with this type of mix. Of course, this is just a guideline and will vary based on the product's requirements.

- Sans font
- Seriff font
- Script font
- Casual font
- 'Fun' font

The Product Configurator can support almost any solid color.  Colors can be defined by Hex, RGB, RGBA or HTML color names.

The Product Configurator does not currently support gradiant or patterns.

Yes! The Product Configurator is great for monograms. See some examples here

We keep our pricing simple.  It is $1 for each product you sell that is personalized by the Product Configurator.

There are also some costs to get things setup which vary based on the complexity of the implementation.