From SketchUp to Rhino

by Scott Austin

Here are the steps that I take to import a model built in SketchUp into Rhino.

In the instructions below, I’m working on Windows 8.1. The SketchUp version is SketchUp Pro 2014, version 14.0.4900. Rhinoceros is version 5 SR7 64-bit.

  • Once you have your model the way you want it in SketchUp, export it to the DWG format.
  • In Rhino, import the DWG file.
  • Then for each element of the model in Rhino, do the following two steps. Use the "MeshToNURB" and "MergeAllFaces" commands to clean up the model. It's best to this in pieces instead of against the whole model in one step.
Scott Austin
Scott Austin

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