Best Personalized Gifts for This Holiday

by Scott Austin

As I recently discussed, personalized products are better.  The same is true for gifts -- personalized is better.  It provides the recipient of the gift and lasting memory behind the giver of the gift and the sentiment the gift was given under.  Here are my top ten recommendations on stores with personalized gifts to give this holiday season:

1. Etching Expressions

Wine is always a great gift.  And at Etching Expressions, you can order from a wide variety of bottles and get just about any message etched onto it.  The etching looks so good, the bottle will be kept long after the wine is gone.

2. Bullets2Bandages

How do you make an everyday item like a bottle opener a fantastic gift?  First, you make it out of something unique like a .50 caliber shell.  Second, you engrave it with your personal message.

3. Decadent Minimalist

 These wallets are my absolute favorites.  You can get them engraved with your name, contact info, personal motto or whatever you like.  Be sure to make it something that you will like ten years from now because these wallets will last forever.

4. Maria Shireen

As an engineer, I'm a big believer that 'form follows function'.  And these bracelets are a great example of that.  They are designed to hold your elastic hair tie around your wrist when not in use.  Functional and high quality.

5. Wild Wood Vermont

Wild Wood Vermont hand turns wooden mugs on the lathe and then engraves them with a laser cutter.  The result is the most unique travel mug that you can find.

6. Swanky Press

Swanky Press as a variety of personalized gifts from mugs to cell phone cases and other gifts.  They give you lots of choice over designs, colors, fonts and more.

7. RuMe

RuMe has bags and more that you can personalize with the design of your choice and text.  They also have a fantastic color palette where every color combination matches well.

8. Dibsies

Dibsies has a wide variety of great gifts for children that all can be personalized to make the gift even more memorable.

9. Crystal Imagery

This etched glassware and barware make great gifts that your friends and family will cherish forever.

10. Flying Dog Collars

These personalized dog collars eliminate the need for dog ID tags.  And they are a lot quieter.  

I hope this list helps you find the perfect personalized gift this holiday season.

Scott Austin
Scott Austin

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